It’s been quiet at this site for too long, so this is a post to inform you that I’m still alive and plan on putting new posts on this site. The planning is that in the weeks/months that will follow I’ll start posting about a couple of small matlab scripts that I wrote that can come in very handy for manipulation of 3D data, a symbolic calculator in C#/javascript/javaMe that I wrote (which is an extension of an assignment I had for a java class), an idea for a password generator using images, photography posts of events that I haven’t posted about (and maybe a top 2012) and more.

Next to that, with the introduction of tweakers 7 I was introduced to the world of (custom) CSS (as well as JavaScript) and because of that I’m working on a new lay-out for this site (rather than the current out of the box lay-out) which will hopefully also follow in the same timespan as the posts.

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WOEHOE! Yes, they have found their bogeyman: all banks are evil!!! And in order to change the world everybody should go and camp at squares in financial districts, until, until, until… Things have finally changed??? All the protests show is that there are people who disagree with the current structure of our economy, but that’s all.  Continue reading

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Zomercarnaval 2011

Last Saturday was the street parade of the “Zomercarnaval” event. Usually I’m on vacantion or forget all about it, not this year however. The weather wasn’t that great this year, it was really clouded, however mostly dry. When I got home and started looking at what I had shot, I got a little disappointed. Many pictures were either unsharp due to an incorrect focus or movement, contained obstacles or people had weird facial expressions. Below follow a couple of photographs which I found successful and summarize the parade: beautiful make-up and extravagant clothing with music for people of all age:

1. Starting with my best shot:

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Ronde van Ridderkerk

Yes, tomorrow there will be a 5 and 8.2 km run in Ridderkerk, so I finally have the chance to run in my own town. I subscribed myself to the latter and hope to complete the run in less then 42 minutes. Due to the renovation of the bathroom I’ve not been able to run as regular as I’m used to. On the other hand I did do some >7 k runs to get to my grandma to take a shower :), so let’s hope that that helped.

The run will be on 25-05-2011 and starts at 20.00, because the track will also be used for cyclists afterwards the finish should be crossed within 50 minutes after the start. More info can be found on:


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Running section

I’ve added information about my running activity and races that I’ve ran. All of this can be found in the running section. Right now not all appendices are present, for example all the complete lists of the races are missing, but they will soon be added. About the running itself it would like to say that I ran the 5k Dwars door Dordt run last sunday. I did this in exactly 24 minutes, a small summary of the race can be found below:

The first half of the race was quiet easy, however at the turning point, where the track split in two, and the 10k runners went another way, while all of the other 5k runners were spread over the track. With the distraction of the other runners gone, I focussed on runners in front of me and kept trying to run towards them. From the 2.5k point to the 4k point I hopped from group to group. This started to get really heavy, luckily the finish came into sight at that point. After passing the roughest section of the track (down hill and a section of paved road, with a couple of bends and a sharp corner in it) I finally reached the athletics track, allowing a nice sprint towards the end.

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Earth hour

Let’s make a little calculation:
A powerful light bulb will use about 200W, so if I have 5 of them in my room I’ll use 1kW. However most people will have more efficient ways of lighting, so let’s say that each person will save at most 1kWh if they turn off their lights for an hour.

A not so powerful car will have a power of about 50 kW, granted you will not use it’s full power when driving, so let’s say you’ll only use 50% of the engines power, that means you’ll use about 25kW. So if you drive your car, you’ll use at least 1kWh in ~2-3 minutes.

What I want to state with this is that turning off your lights for an hour has no effect on your energy consumption and that it’s really purely symbolic. In that symbolic part lies my problem with the action. Why? Well let’s face it, most people are stupid but good of heart. If they turn of the light for an hour, they’ll think they have contributed something, only to take the car for a 2 minute ride the following day, instead of walking the distance.

The comparison with a car is just an example to show the hypocrisy. I really would like people to actually lower their non-sustainable energy consumption, however I believe that this campaign as a whole, is actually a lot of energy gone to waste.

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Schiphol meet

Check tweakers for the original post (in Dutch)
I went plane spotting last weekend with a bunch of guys from tweakers and this are the pics. You can click for a larger image (1600px):

1. Staring with a Garuda, because I like the visit indonesia logo so much:

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It’s been quiet for a while, but here is an short update.

First of all my resume is now online, since I don’t want it to pop-up everywhere it’s password protected for now until I’ve found a better way of protecting it. The password however can be seen in the image at the end of this section.

Second of all I finished my literature report “Performance measures for autonomous robotic grasping” and once it is graded it will appear on my site for those of you who want to read it.

My third point is not related to my study, it’s simply that I’ve started running again. I no longer have problems with my right leg and I intend to run the 5k “dwars door dordt” run on the 3rd of april, though I’m not expecting a great time.

And I know I’m a day late but if you have matlab, you might like the following valentine code 😉

[X,Y] = meshgrid(-10:0.1:10,-10:0.1:15);
Z = X.^2+1.618*(Y-0.8*(X.^2).^0.382).^2;
contourf(X,Y,-Z,20); axis equal; axis tight;

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Christmas is here

It’s that time again. Started a couple of weeks ago and this week I could no longer wait:

The christmas tree had to be set up

Merry christmas 😉

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ESI 2010

Yesterday, I went to the ESI symposium for the demonstration of the Falcon order picker. This post is about my visit to ESI 2010.

Due to snow I was even 20 minutes earlier in Eindhoven then under normal conditions, however it took Jos, Wouter and Dennis 4 hours to get there by car. After they arrived, the demonstrator was set up in about 1.5 hours and it also took about the same to get it back in the mini-van again. A lot of people were interrested in the demonstator, which worked fine. Sometimes an object could not be grasped, but that was mostly due to the grasping strategy, the vision algorithm seemed to work flawless.

Because the stand was so crowded all the time, I didn’t see that much presentation, acutally I only saw the one given by Wouter Hokvoort about our demonstrator. I was also able to get the present they gave to some people :D, which can be seen in the image below:

Yesterday was also the first time that my reputation had preceded me, after introducing myself as the intern who created the vision system the man looked at me as if a puzzle finally made sense and said: “So your the intern that did that“. It was kind of weird, let’s hope that he heard of me in a good way…

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